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2017년도 2학기 산업보안 관리 (01) - 서울캠퍼스
In a hyper-connected world, digital capabilities increase the institutions’ vulnerability to various security threats. Protecting...
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  • 한국어
  • 14주
  • 1주/2시간
  • 수료증 미발급

This course consists of mainly two parts: (1) In the pursuit of the business-driven security, first we need to comprehend the characteristics and risks of disruptive digital business, which is rapidly transforming the current analog or e-business models.  The first part includes digital business insights, planning, action, road-map and risks (2) In order to develop and operate the digital business safe and secure, we need to understand both the traditional security management approaches  and the digital business security issues.  The second part includes security management framework, processes and controls, as well as the resilience issues for digital security 

강좌 목차

주차 차시
1 Digital Business Overview Overview
D-Biz Concepts
D-Biz Cases
D-Biz Transformation
D-Biz Trends
2 Insights for D-Biz Transformation Intro
Designing D-Biz Vision & Strategy
Redesigning D-Biz Models
Redesigning D-Biz Processes
Maximizing Disruptive Technologies Potential
Exploiting the Platform Ecosystem for D-Biz
3 Planning for D-Biz Transformation Intro
Adapting Corporate Innovation Programs for D-Transformation
Identifying and Prioritizing Opportunities with Innovation Workshops
Timing Your Move into Disruptive Technologies
The Three Waves of Disruptive Technology Adoption
4 Action for D-Biz Transformation Enhancing Digital Customer Experience
Transforming Digital Workplace
Insights from Data Analytics & Strategies
Optimizing D-Infra and Simplifying Management
5 Roadmap for D-Biz Transformation Intro
Digital Service Lifecycle
Steps for Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Maturity
Digital Culture & Change Management
6 D-Biz Risks & Security Intro
Security Risks of D-Biz
Concepts of D-Security
Principles of D-Security
Panel Discussion
7 Security Management Framework Intro
Security Management Concepts
Security Management Principles
Security Management Functions
Security Management Processes
Security Management Systems?
Bimodal Security Management
8 Security Strategy & Planning Intro
Security Objectives & Requirements
Security Leadership
Security Strategy & Its Alignment
Security Risk Management
Security Planning
9 Security Program Implementation Intro
Security Organization
Security Investment
Asset Management
Human Resource Security
Security Education, Training and Awareness
10 Security in IT System Development & Operation Intro
Secure Software Requirements
Secure Software Design
Secure Coding
Security Testing
Access Controls
11 Security Monitoring & Measurement Intro
Physical Security
Operations Security Overview
Incident Management
Business Continuity Planning
12 Security Measurement & Analytics Intro
Security Measurement
Security Maturity Models
Security Analytics
Market Trend of Security Analytics
13 Cyber Resilience of Supply Chain Intro
Needs & Concepts of Cyber Resilience
Principles of Cyber Resilience
Cyber Resilience Models
Supply Chain Risks
Digital Security for the Supply Chain
14 Security in Digital Ecosystem Intro
Resilient Cyber Ecosystem
Future Issues of Security
Panel Discussion